Sitka Stormfront GTX Gaiter Deep Lichen




Sitka Stormfront GTX Gaiter Deep Lichen

The Sitka Stormfront GTX Gaiter is a premium choice for hunters facing extreme environments.

Its robust construction, featuring 3-layer GORE-TEX, guarantees durability and waterproof protection in the toughest conditions.

The gaiter’s gripper elastic bottom ensures a snug fit, keeping out water and debris.

With an internal ladder lock strap system, it maintains a low profile to minimize noise and abrasion during stealthy movements.

Overall, the Stormfront GTX Gaiter is an essential companion for those navigating rugged terrains with confidence and comfort.


  •  Cam Lock Buckle Closure on Top: Over-the-calf protection for the most rugged environments.
  • 3-Layer GORE-TEX and Gripper Elastic Bottom: Keep out water while maintaining a tight seal.
  • GORE-TEX Technology: Garments made with GORE-TEX® fabrics are durably waterproof, lightweight, and extremely breathable..
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SITKA Gear in Canada

SITKA Gear provides state-of-the-art hunting gear systems, crafted with the modern hunter in mind. Utilizing innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and superior fabrics, SITKA Gear's products enhance your hunting experience, ensuring comfort, durability, and optimal performance in any outdoor condition in Canada. Explore our range and discover the SITKA Gear difference today.


Sitka Stormfront GTX Gaiter Deep Lichen

  • Material: 3-layer GORE-TEX
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Length: Over-the-calf
  • Closure: Internal ladder lock strap system
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Durability: Robust construction
  • Noise Reduction: Low-profile design reduces abrasion and noise
  • Purpose: Designed for hunting in rugged environments

Sitka Stormfront GTX Gaiter Deep Lichen




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