Silva Explore 4 Headlamp


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Silva Explore 4 Headlamp

Discover Explore 4, an exceptionally durable headlamp designed to withstand any adventure, whether on land or in water.

With its waterproof construction, this headlamp is an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Powered by three AAA batteries, it offers extended usage time. Boasting 400 lumens, IPX7 water resistance, and three distinct LED colors, it provides versatile illumination options.

Plus, its flexible attachment choices and SOS blink-mode ensure adaptability in any situation.

Important Light Features:

Do you love outdoor pursuits like hiking, climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, or sailing? Meet Explore 4, the ultimate companion for your adventures.

Equipped with three versatile LED lights—white, red, and orange—this headlamp adapts to various scenarios.

The white light is perfect for standard outdoor activities and everyday use, while the red light preserves your night vision, ideal for mountain huts or hunting trips.

Meanwhile, the orange light enhances map reading, particularly useful for navigating at sea.

With 400 lumens and three light settings, including a super low mode at 10 lumens, Explore ensures optimal visibility while conserving battery life.

Need a cozy tent or boat light? Simply stash the headlamp in the provided storage bag for instant ambiance.

Wherever your next adventure leads, Explore 4 is primed to join you.

Safety is paramount, which is why Explore headlamps come with a built-in SOS blink-mode.

Utilizing Morse code, this distress signal is recognized internationally as a call for rescue.

Originally developed for maritime emergencies, it remains a universal beacon for seeking assistance in times of need.

Waterproof And Flexible:

The Explore headlamps are designed for adventures – on land as well as on water. The headlamps are 100% waterproof (IPX7) which means that they can be submerged down to 1 meter in water for up to 30 minutes. This implies that you will still have a reliable light source if you would be unlucky enough to drop the headlamp into water.

With the included helmet/belt clip, you can move the headlamp unit from the headband and attach it to a helmet, a belt or to your backpack.

Choose Explore 4 if you prefer a headlamp that runs on alkaline batteries that you can change during longer adventures, or choose the Explore 4RC if you want the convenience of rechargeable batteries.


  • 3xAAA alkaline-batteries integrated in the headlamp unit
  • 400 lumen light output
  • Silva Intelligent Light – combining long reach spot light and close flood light
  • Red light – preserves your night vision
  • Orange light – enables better map reading
  • Flexible attachment options for headband, helmet and belt
  • Lightweight and comfortable – perfect for outdoor adventures
  • Super-low mode (10 lumen) – saves battery and perfect for reading
  • Battery level indicator
  • Fully waterproof and meets the IPX7 standard
  • Use as tent light by placing the headlamp inside the storage bag
  • Smooth buckles for easy adjustment of the headband
  • SOS blink mode


  • 3x Alkaline Batteries
  • Helmet/Belt Clip
  • Storage Bag



Silva Explore 4 Headlamp

Charging time
Connection plug
Flash warningNo
Included accessoriesHeadlamp, Head band, 3xAAA batteries, Storage bag, Helmet bracket, 3M adhesive, Quick guide
LED type2 x semi high power LEDs, 1 x red/orange LED
Light distance max278.87 ft (85 m)
Light distance med196.85 ft (60 m)
Light distance min26.25 ft (8 m)
Light modesIntelligent Light, Max, Med, Min, SOS-Blink // Red, Orange
Lumen boost
Lumen max400
Lumen med200
Lumen min10
MaterialABS, PC, TPU, Aluminum
Warranty2 years
Weight (battery)33 g (1.16 oz)
Weight (excluding battery)53 g (1.87 oz)
Weight (including battery)86 g (3.03 oz)

Silva Explore 4 Headlamp




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