Real Avid Master Sight Pusher


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Real Avid Master Sight Pusher

The Master Sight Pusher is a professional-grade tool that makes quick work of changing pistol sights while protecting both gun slides and the sights themselves. Heavy-duty, built to last and smartly designed to work on most any modern pistol sights. The oversized, ergonomic Easy Torque™ Handle partners with extra-fine drive threads to provide maximum torque with minimal effort when removing or installing sights. The reversible, metal Press Block features multiple contact surfaces for almost any size and style of press-fit dovetail slots and sight profiles. Adjustable non-marring contact surfaces securely hold both 1911 and flat bottom pistol slide styles.

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Real Avid Master Sight Pusher

  • Ergonomic grip control
  • Spring-loaded vertical adjustment knobs
  • Easy torque handle
  • 3/8″ Ratchet receiver
  • Side clamp adjustment knobs
  • Safe lock anti-torsion frame
  • Slide clamp
  • Reversible metal press block
  • Slide cradle
  • Bench vise attachment ridge
  • Magnum push rod





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