Pro Shot BIO4X Lubricant


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Pro Shot BIO4X Lubricant Preservative 1-oz with needle applicator

  • Excellent LP,  Lubricant & Preservative for firearm metal treatment
  • Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Odor-Free Lubricant
  • Excellent and Safe for Airgun Cleaning & Lubrication
  • 4X (FOUR TIMES) as lubricious as petroleum based lubricants
  • Deters water
  • Made from renewable USA-grown crops-based vegetable oils
  • Reduces foreign oil dependence
  • Helps parts function better—frees rusted parts, prevents corrosion
  • Instantly penetrates and lasts longer, so it can be applied less often
  • Reduces heat and friction better than petroleum-based products
  • Higher flashpoint than petroleum, so it’s safer to use
  • Higher viscosity so it’s less likely to thin out at a higher temperatures
  • Higher film strength so it can withstand pressure better

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Pro Shot BIO4X Lubricant

  • Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Odor-Free Lubricant
  • Made from renewable USA-grown crops-based vegetable oils
  • Multi-purpose and All-weather lubricant and penetrant
  • -40° to 590° F Operating Temperature Range






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