Outdoor Edge RazorSafe 6 Blade Combo Set


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Outdoor Edge RazorSafe 6 Blade Combo Set

Introducing the Outdoor Edge 350 Combo Blade Set: your go-to companion for all outdoor escapades!

This dynamic blade ensemble is crafted for supreme versatility and performance, effortlessly handling any cutting challenge with precision.

With three drop-point, two boning/fillet, and one gutting blade, this combo ensures you’re equipped for camping, hunting, fishing, or any wilderness exploration.

Whether you’re cooking up a storm at the campsite or field dressing your latest catch, the Outdoor Edge 350 Combo Blade Set is your ultimate companion.

Featuring razor-sharp blades, an interchangeable system, and intuitive design, the Outdoor Edge RazorSafe 6 Blade Combo Set delivers exceptional functionality and convenience.

Elevate your outdoor experience and make every cut count.


Outdoor Edge RazorSafe 6 Blade Combo Set

  • Superior Durability: Crafted to endure the harshest conditions, these blades boast stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and long-lasting reliability. Even with frequent use in challenging environments, they maintain sharpness and dependability.
  • Superior Compatibility: The Outdoor Edge RazorSafe 6 Blade Combo Set fits seamlessly with various Outdoor Edge knife models, ensuring a perfect match for your specific knife. This guarantees a secure and effortless attachment, enhancing your cutting experience. Explore more about the RazorSafe® System and compatible products.
  • Easy Replacement System: Say goodbye to cumbersome blade changes! The Outdoor Edge RazorSafe System simplifies blade replacements with its quick and hassle-free mechanism. Just remove the old blade and securely insert the new one to resume your cutting tasks promptly. With a swift installation process, you can switch blades in seconds, minimizing downtime and maximizing outdoor enjoyment.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each blade is individually sealed in a plastic pouch with a PVC blade cover, safeguarding it from the elements and enhancing safety during transport and blade changes.

Outdoor Edge RazorSafe 6 Blade Combo Set




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