Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12ga


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Introducing the Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12ga: Unmatched Versatility and Reliability!

For over half a century, the Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12ga has set the gold standard in shotgun technology, and its legacy only continues to grow. With an impressive production history exceeding 10 million units and the prestigious MilSpec designation, it stands as the pinnacle of pump-action shotguns. This iconic firearm offers unparalleled versatility and reliability, with a model to suit every conceivable application. From safeguarding our homes to serving our law enforcement agencies and military forces worldwide, the Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12ga is the ultimate choice.

Durability Beyond Compare

The Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12ga’s longevity and durability are second to none. Crafted with precision and rigorously tested, this shotgun has earned the coveted MilSpec designation, an accolade reserved for firearms meeting the highest military standards. It can withstand the harshest conditions and deliver uncompromising performance, making it the weapon of choice for military and law enforcement professionals globally.

Versatility Tailored to You

One of the standout features of the Mossberg 500 series of shotguns is its incredible adaptability. Mossberg offers an extensive range of models and configurations, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every user and application.

The Mossberg 500 offers unparalleled peace of mind. Its reliable pump-action mechanism, classic design and robust construction instill confidence in users, knowing they have a trusted ally at the range and in the field. With various barrel lengths and choke options available, this series of shotgun caters to a wide range of hunting and shooting styles. Whether you’re pursuing waterfowl, deer, or enjoying a day at the range, the Mossberg 500 Retrograde delivers unbeatable performance and reliability.

A Trusted Partner for Professionals

Law enforcement agencies and military forces worldwide depend on the Mossberg 500 series of shotguns. Its MilSpec designation highlights its suitability for these demanding roles. This shotgun excels in high-stress situations, endures adverse conditions, and consistently delivers accuracy. It’s a reliable companion for those who serve and protect, ensuring they can execute their duties with confidence.

O.F. Mossberg & Sons

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Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12ga

  • Gauge: 12ga
  • Capacity: 5+1
  • Chamber: 3″
  • Barrel Length: 18.5″
  • Sight/Base: Bead
  • Choke: Cylinder Bore
  • LOP Type: Fixed
  • LOP: 13.87″
  • Barrel Finish: Blued
  • Stock Finish: Walnut
  • Weight: 6.75
  • Length: 39.5″




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