MDT ORYX Bipod Sling Stud


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MDT ORYX Bipod Sling Stud

Crafted from a high-quality polymer blend, The ORYX Bipod legs offer rigidity, strength, and stability.

Effortless deployment and adjustment come naturally, thanks to its seamless one-handed design.

Its ergonomic form feels like an extension of your hand.

Drawing inspiration from soccer cleats and tire treads, its robust rubber feet guarantee traction on any surface.

Effortless operation with just one hand—swiftly stow, deploy, adjust cant tension, and extend the legs.

A gentle push or flick is all it takes to ready the bipod, emphasizing quick responsiveness.

This streamlined design perfectly balances responsiveness with a lightweight and robust profile.

MDT ORYX Bipod Sling Stud:

Attachment interface: Sling Stud


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MDT ORYX Bipod Sling Stud

  • Weight: 12.5 oz
  • Material: High Strength Polymer
  • Height: 7.2″ – 10″ as measured by the pivot point
  • Head Adjustment: 50° – Cant
  • Footprint Width: 9″ – 11.5″
  • Colour: BLACK





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