Federal Premium Gold Medal 223 Rem




Federal Premium Gold Medal 223 Rem

The Federal Premium Gold Medal .223 Rem has an exclusive primer design that provides the best sensitivity and most consistent ballistics in the industry. The precision-built Sierra MatchKing bullet is shot to win more matches than any other rifle bullet. It’s the only choice for the world’s most elite shooters.

  • Boat-tail hollow-point bullet provides the extra margin of ballistic performance match shooters need
  • Uniform match jacket ensures consistent, long-range accuracy
  • Federal brass
  • Specially formulated propellant
  • Benchrest-quality Gold Medal primer

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Federal Premium Gold Medal 223 Rem

  • Caliber: 223 Rem
  • Grain: 69gr | 77gr
  • Bullet: Sierra Matchking Boat Tail Hollow Point
  • Velocity: 2950 | 2720
  • Box: 20 Rounds
  • Case: 500 Rounds
  • Usage: Target Shooting





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