DuraMag CPD XCR-M 10×10 Round Pistol Magazine 308




DuraMag CPD XCR-M 10×10 Round Pistol Magazine 308

High-powered calibers require rugged magazines. The DURAMAG SS SR25 pattern magazines are constructed from laser-welded 410 stainless steel and coated with T-360 for enhanced protection.

This magazine is built to endure the trials of time.

Trusted by military units worldwide, the DURAMAG SS AR10-compatible magazine stands as the premier choice.

  • The 410 STAINLESS STEEL body is designed to withstand rigorous usage.
  • LIPLOCK technology securely maintains rounds in proper alignment.
  • The ADVANCED GEOMETRY FOLLOWER ensures consistent feeding by staying level.
  • T-360 total coating technology provides complete coverage for both the interior and exterior of the magazine.
  • EVERFLEX anti-fatigue spring technology guarantees extended lifespan and unmatched reliability.
  • POST & HOLE construction enhances strength, durability, and precision through robotically welded assembly.


DuraMag CPD XCR-M 10×10 Round Pistol Magazine 308

  • Brand: DURAMAG
  • Color: Black
  • Platform: Robinson XCR

DuraMag CPD XCR-M 10×10 round pistol magazine 308 in




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