DuraMag CPD L05 5/30 Round Magazine 223




DuraMag CPD L05 5/30 Round Magazine 223

The DURAMAG Speed magazines represent a significant upgrade to the USGI standard.

These battle-tested magazines are renowned for their lightweight build, durability, and widespread adoption by OEMs, Law Enforcement, and Military units worldwide since 2011.

Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, DURAMAG Speed bodies undergo type-III hard-coat anodizing.

Unlike inferior coatings used by other magazines, the wide array of colors is an integral part of the anodizing process, ensuring durability.

These magazines are safe for extended storage while loaded and exhibit no flex or swelling like polymer alternatives.

Employing Progressive die tooling, Post and Hole design, and fully robotic welding, these magazines guarantee consistency and reliability.


DuraMag CPD L05 5/30 Round Magazine 223

  • Brand: DURAMAG
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity (as sold): 5
  • Capacity (original): 30

CPD L05 5/30 Round Magazine 223 – Black in




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