Dick Duff’s Organic Meat Stick




Dick Duff’s Organic Meat Stick

Savor the exceptional taste of our Organic Pork and Beef Stick, a culinary delight crafted from the finest organic ingredients.

This delectable blend of premium pork and beef is expertly fermented and dry-cured to perfection, resulting in a savory snack that’s bursting with flavor.

Packed with protein, our Organic Pork and Beef Stick offers a wholesome energy boost to fuel your active lifestyle.

Whether you’re hiking, biking, or simply on the move, this satisfying snack is sure to keep you going.

For those with dietary restrictions, rest assured that our stick is gluten-free, allowing everyone to indulge in its mouthwatering goodness.

With a convenient net weight of 25g per stick, it’s the perfect grab-and-go option for any occasion.

Treat yourself to the delicious taste and wholesome goodness of our Organic Pork and Beef Stick today.

Whether you’re snacking on the run or enjoying a moment of relaxation, it’s sure to satisfy your cravings with every savory bite.


Dick Duff’s Organic Meat Stick

  • Crafted from an enticing combination of organic pork and beef.
  • Meticulously fermented and dry-cured to perfection.
  • Abundant in protein, offering a nutritious option.
  • Completely free of gluten, catering to dietary preferences and restrictions

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