CroMag MagRipper V1 Speedloader


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CroMag MagRipper V1 Speedloader

Whether you’re a civilian firearms owner, soldier, or law enforcement officer, the MagRipper® will help you maximize your trigger time by drastically reducing the time you spend handloading your rifle magazines. Reducing your administrative workload will enhance your proficiency as a marksman and make you more formidable during operations

The MagRipper® is the fastest, most versatile and most durable Speedloader on the market bar none. It works with loose OR clipped .223 / 5.56 / .300 AAC ammunition and enables you to load your 30-round magazine in under 10 seconds. The collapsible design allows it to fit inside a small admin pouch or pocket. It also features an unloading tool to unload your magazines, as well as a takedown pin punch to help you disassemble your rifle.

Unlike every other speedloader on the market, the MagRipper® is built to last. Despite weighing less than 3 oz, it can handle whatever you can throw at it, including temperatures as cold as -50°C and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) environments. In the transport position, you can even run over it with your truck. The shark scale texture ensures positive control in all weather conditions and during amphibious operations. It can be used while wearing gloves (including arctic mitts) and even by those with hand injuries or disabilities.


CroMag MagRipper V1 Speedloader proudly made in Vancouver, Canada.

***Stripper Clips sold separately***

Click here to see the stripper clips to use in this speedloader


CroMag MagRipper V1 Speedloader

  • Compatibility:

    CroMag MagRipper V1 Speedloader works with any NATO STANAG AR magazine (PMAGs, G.I. mags, Lancer mags, etc…)

  • Metal or polymer stripper clips
  • All ammo types (live, blank, tracer, frangible, dummy, simunition, etc…)
  • Materials: Impact-Modified Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon-6Custom brass hardware for corrosion resistance and no interference with navigational aids or explosives
  • Colour: Black
  • Calibres: .223 Rem, 5.56mm NATO, .300 AAC/BLK
  • Weight: 85g  (3oz)




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