Benelli VCI Gun Sock 56inch


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Benelli VCI Gun Sock 56inch – Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

Don’t let wet field conditions ruin your favorite shotgun!

Unlike most gun socks which are made from silicon and therefore trap moisture, Benelli’s gun sock VCI is made from soft spun yarns that repel water and keep moisture away.

Plus, Benelli’s Vapor Corrosion inhibitor creates a chemical barrier that stops any rust or corrosion and will never abrade wood or metal finishes.

The Benelli gun sock VCI  is perfect for transporting your firearm from the range or for long-term storage.


  • Rust preventing, non-abrading, innovative
  • Unlike silicone-based gun socks, the Benelli VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) gun sock does not trap moisture
  • VCI technology forms a protective chemical barrier that stops rust and corrosion from occurring
  • This technology works so well, the sock is perfect for long-term storage
  • Will not abrade wood or metal finishes


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Benelli VCI Gun Sock 56inch

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Made of soft spun yarns
  • Length: 48 to 56 inches

Fits most long guns from 48 to 56 inches





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