A-Zoom Rifle Metal Snap Cap




A-Zoom Rifle Metal Snap Cap

Ensure safe and damage-free release of the firing pin in any rifle with A-Zoom Rifle precision rifle snap caps.

These snap caps serve as ideal aids for refining trigger pull adjustments and facilitating offhand dry firing, as well as promoting smooth bolt cycling practice.

Incorporate A-Zoom Snap Caps into training sessions for novice shooters to teach proper rifle handling and firing techniques.


A-Zoom Rifle Metal Snap Cap

  • Functions like real ammunition
  • Ideal for training, storage, testing, and practice
  • Teaches safe gun handling, thousands of dry fires without damage
  • Functions just like real ammo – without the noise
  • Available in 2 packs for 223, 243 Win, 270 Win, 303 BRIT, 30-06, 308 Win, 30-30, 45-70, 7.62×39, 300 Win Mag, 6.5 Creedmoor

A-Zoom Rifle Metal Snap Capin




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