Trigger Tech PVD Curved Black Adaptable


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Trigger Tech PVD Curved Black Adaptable

The Hodgdon Trigger Tech PVD Curved Black Adaptable is a cutting-edge trigger system designed to enhance the performance of various rifles.

Its PVD coating ensures durability and smooth operation in diverse shooting conditions.

Featuring a curved design, this trigger offers ergonomic comfort and precise control for shooters.

With its adaptable nature, it fits a wide range of rifle models, providing versatility and convenience.

The Trigger Tech mechanism provides a crisp break and adjustable pull weight, allowing for personalized settings to suit individual preferences and shooting styles.


  • Curved design for ergonomic comfort
  • PVD coating for durability and smooth operation
  • Compatible with various rifle models

Trigger Control Details:

  • Lever Type: Straight or Curved
  • Zero Creep™: Yes
  • TKR™: Yes – Min Overtravel
  • CLKR™: Yes – Inc. Adjustable
  • Flat Wire™: Yes – Hard Primer Compatible
  • Take Up Distance: 0.035″”
  • Overtravel: Sub 0.015″”
  • Reset: Sub 0.030″”
  • Pin Size: Mil Spec 0.154″” (trigger pins not included)
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum & Stainless Internals
  • Weapon Platform: SIG MPX, AR-9, FX-9
  • Warranty: Product Lifetime


Trigger Tech PVD Curved Black Adaptable

Trigger Pull Weight3.5lbs – 6lbs
Trigger Bow TypeCurved
Trigger Pull AdjustableYes
Item ConditionNew
Product TypeTriggers

Trigger Tech PVD Curved Black Adaptable




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