PPU Rifle Ammo 8mm Mauser FMJ BT


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PPU Rifle Ammo 8mm Mauser FMJ BT 198gr

Prvi Partizan has been producing ammunition for 95 years now, since 1928.

It has supplied Serbian Army and Police, and many foreign Armies.

It also produces hunting and sporting ammunition, that is being sold all over the world.

The factory has three production facilities, employs more than 1000 workers.

Prvi Partizan is modern company, one of the largest of this kind in the world.

The Company produces over 400 types of rifle, pistol, revolver and small arms ammunition.


The PPU Rifle Ammo 8mm Mauser FMJ BT  is designed especially target shooting.

Only the best quality components are used to ensure that these cartridges are accurate, dependable, and effective.

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullets are nonexpanding bullets with a full-length jacket opened at the base only.

They are suitable for target shooting, but also for varmint hunting as with minimal tissue damage and a small exit hole.


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PPU Rifle Ammo 8mm Mauser FMJ BT

  • Caliber: 8mm Mauser
  • Bullet Weight: 198gr
  • Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket – Boat Tail
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2182fps
  • Quantity: 20
  • Usage: Hunting

Prvi Partizan Ammunition-PPU



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