BPS 12ga 2.75 #7.5 Shotshell


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BPS 12ga 2.75 #7.5 Shotshell

For Target shooting, the BPS 12ga 2.75 #7.5 Shotshell is the fast flying, clay busting cartridge of choice. each shotshell cartridge is carefully crafted and packed with features that provide reliable, effective performance on a variety of target shooting applications.

  • High-quality round shot is formulated for optimum hardness, improving pattern efficiency
  • High brass-plated steel head and one-piece wad maximize payloads
  • Select, high-quality propellant and non-corrosive primer deliver efficient, reliable ignition

BPS Balıkesir Explosives Industry and Trade Inc. (BPS A.S.) was established in 2014 by Mehmet Akif Yavaşca and Müşteba Yavaşca in order to produce the high quality small arms’ ammunition in Turkey. In the year 2015, Sarsilmaz Ammunition Inc. of the Sarsilmaz Group, which is an estimable small arms producer in Turkey and Europe, joined in the BPS A.S. as a partner and increased its power.

In 2016, the production of shotgun cartridges started with the processing of quality raw materials by experienced personnel in modern machines with the principle of continuous development. In 2017, 9 mm blank cartridges and in 2019, 9×19 mm parabellum pistol cartridges production has started. BPS A.S. currently loads 46 types of cartridges for small arms and expands its product range every year.

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BPS 12ga 2.75 #7.5 Shotshell

  • Caliber: 12ga
  • Shell Length: 2.75″
  • Shot Size: #7.5
  • Shot Composition: Lead
  • Shot Weight: 7/8oz
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1250fps
  • Package Quantity: 25
  • Usage: Target

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